—  ; Holy fucking shit. He was touching Archie. There was no hope for you now, Arch. Something this bad had to be contagious. If you didn’t already get it from there air, you definitely caught it now that his skin was touching the fabric on your clothes. In fact, you were rather surprised the gay didn’t eat through your clothes and onto your skin. 

                     (Man, how badly did you want to punch him in the gut? — )

        "Yeah — Yes, I’m sure. I’m positive. Off day, I guess? I mean, considering I tripped — That might just be further proof. Are you okay?" If he starts telling Archie about his day there might be a gallon of pills involved in this entire thing.

                  Op, he still had a leaf on him. Should he pick it off? Would it just bother him more? Jerry was conflicted. But the good samaritan in him couldn’t stand the leaf in the guy’s hair so he pulled it out and flicked it away, turning the corners of his lips into a smile when he was done.

                       ”— Sorry about that. Huh? Oh, yeah, I’m fine. I’m not the one who went face first into the ground. You sure you’re okay? No cuts or scrapes?”



"We bid you pleasant greetings," they spoke in time, though soon the extra three merged into their original as they bowed. "Do you find yourself well today?"

          “I do, as a matter of fact. — Just didn’t think I’d run into you out here, that’s all.” #386, the one that was banished to solitude. Something that never really sat right with him, but part of the whole X thing is the unpredictability. “How do you guys find yourselves?”



      — ϟ; That was so rude of you, Mo. Apologize, at once.

                ❝ Oh — Geez, man. I’m… I’m sorry, dude. ❞

                     Now Mo was brushing off the other’s shoulders, readjusting their jacket, frown taking over all of his features. That was, before he realized who he was talking to. Afterwards his pupils got kind of small and his breath hitched a bit. 

                                      ❝ —Yooo… ❞

                 Being knocked down wasn’t something that bothered him. I mean, he weighed about 3lbs, so it wasn’t much of a rough landing.

                                “Nah, it’s fine. Don’t worry about it.”

                        As the other dusted off his clothes and such, Jerry couldn’t help but let out a small laugh. The guy must’ve felt pretty bad, even if Jer wasn’t that phased. — Then, it clicked. This was one of the expierments he knew. Well, when I say knew, I mean knew of. He was rank X, like him. Those were the only ones that Jerry knew the exact faces of, seeing as they were all around the same-ish power. Ish.

                                         ”What? Do I have something in my teeth too?” Rubbing at his teeth, he furrowed his brow as his finger went to work on his pearly whites. “— Did I get it?”



  —  ; They saw him. And they were walking over. Jeez, Archie wanted to puke acid on the dude’s adorable face. It was like something out of a Build-A-Bear Workshop commercial. After clearing his throat, Archie got up on his own, refusing to take the other’s hand

            “Yeah —— I’m good.” His eyebrows furrowed together as he looked at the other. Was this guy really that powerful? Look at him.

           Well, someone looked confused. From the moment he saw him, Jer knew that he was one of his own. But it’s not like he knew every single experiment by number, rank and name. Something was telling him that he was a series two, but that’s all he could pinpoint. And even then he didn’t know if it was right.

               ”You suuuuure? You look a little irritated.” Oh, he had dirt on him. That must be why. So, being the kind guy he is, Jerry used his hands to dust off the other’s— well, dust. There! Good as new.

                        “Well, hello to you too.
                                      — Or, you four.” 

                                Another rank X? So soon? It’s not something he expected, but it’s not something that he’s unhappy about either.



  —  ; Well, fuck. This wasn’t his kind of mission. He definitely was not expecting to run into an X Rank around here. But lo and behold, there they were. Kind of surreal, really.

              Maybe he could like, slink away.
                 Fuck! He was falling down in the dirt.
                       He tripped over a branch. Talk about sneaky.

                   Looks like someone was having a hard time. To begin with, Jerry hadn’t been paying much attention— but the giant crash to the ground made him look around. Which ended up seeing the guy on the floor. 

                           ”You okay there?” He asked as he made his way over to the other, offering a hand to him.


by しゅらぎ


by しゅらぎ